Friday, December 11, 2009

Walling Genealogy

Walling Genealogy


1) Ralph Wallen and Joyce __________

    born ca 1597 England

    arrived 1623 Plymouth Colony, New England

2) Thomas Walling and Mary Abbott

    born ca 1627

    1645 to Providence, RI

3) Thomas Walling, Jr and Sara Emwell

    born 1669/ 1672 Providence, RI

4) John Walling and Hope Horne

    born 1698/ 1700 Providence, RI

5) Isaac Walling and Lydia Barnes

    born 1731 Providence, RI

    John Walling, Jr and Martha Smith

    born 1733 Providence, RI 

6) Reuben Walling and Rachel Walling

    born 1760 Providence, RI

7) Arca Walling and Louisa Paine

    born 1785 Providence, RI

8) Sayles Walling and Elizabeth Thayer

    born 1808 Providence, RI

9) Ora Allen Walling and Margaret Ellen Clemmer

    born 1831 Franklin, OH

10) Charles Sayles Walling and Mary Bliss McDougal

    born ca 1860 Franklin, OH

11) Myron Bliss Walling and Marie Hedrick Walling

    born 1891 Knightstown, IN

12) Marilyn Walling and Herbert Zobel

    born 1927 Chicago, IL

**(provided by Bryan Walling)

List in America from research by Marilyn Walling, privately published 2001

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