Friday, December 11, 2009

Action List for Walling Family History

OK, Mom doesn't remember even doing the research, let alone her books. So, I will be working from her hard copy volumes. Now for action items to make her information available.

  1. Disassemble books- clip with bulldog clasp when not in use
  2. Scan Table of Contents and a few pages
  3. Create docs: each image will become a google document. Images can be cropped and pasted. Important text will be typed into the doc so hyperlinking can be achieved between documents
  4. Run test, work out any issues
  5. Twitter and hit blogs to solicit feedback and advice
  6. Determine best method for scanning pages- be sure numbers of images correspond to page numbers in book
  7. Plan most important hyperlink strategies
  8. Draft order of publication- lineage pages first, lists of allied families, references, and sources of research and information...then the rest, possibly revise this initial list
  9. Mark pages for first publication group, time activities
  10. Establish a realistic timeline, including milestones
  11. Draft calendar for first month, and continue with a monthly review and scheduling of upcoming month's work
  12. When first milestone is reached, determine what the celebration will be and how each successive milestone will be announced/ celebrated

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